Expert Aico installer in Orpington

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide alarm installer in Orpington

Today I am proud to announce that we are now the expert installer for the Aico Fire and Carbon Monoxide protection in Orpington. Aico, an Ei Company, is a market leader in domestic fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) protection, pioneering new technologies and offering high quality alarms designed, developed and manufactured at their factory in Shannon, Ireland. Aico alarms meet all UK standards with a wide range of sensor types to ensure every home is protected, and S Cloud Electrical now offer expert technical support and advice on alarm selection, siting and installation.

At S Cloud Electrical, we recognise that a successful alarm system comes down to having the best alarms, correctly installed. That’s why we now offer free Expert Installer advice for your fire protection to help keep you safe in your home. We stay up to date with the latest Regulations and Legislation. This ensures that we know which alarms to install and where in your home. We are also trained in the latest technologies to ensure we know what will best suit your needs. We are also fully trained in how to correctly install Aico alarms, providing you with a professional installation.

Whether it is Smoke, Heat or Carbon Monoxide alarms you are wanting to get installed, S Cloud Electrical Services can help. Who better to install your alarms than someone who has undergone specific training in how to do so.

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